About the Press

Mandalika Press is a technical implementing unit in the field of online scientific publishing under the auspices of CV. Balai Publikasi Indonesia. The publication of scientific manuscripts through Mandalika Press was conducted with the Open Monograph Press (OMP) platform. The platform is an open source software platform for managing and publishing scientific books developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). OMP can be used to manage the editorial workflows necessary to assess scientific papers, edited volumes, and scientific editions through internal and external reviews, editing, catalog creation, production, and publication.

Mandalika Press invites scientific researchers and writers to publish the manuscript of its research results with us. Scientific manuscripts that can be published through Baswara Press include scientific papers and popular scientific papers with the following details: Teaching book, Monograph book, Textbooks, Handbook, Online books, and Learning module book

There are no acceptable scientific field restrictions for publication through Mandalika Press. For your convenience, Mandalika Press accepts publishing through OMP or outside OMP. For more information contact us through the information available on the Contact page.